To afford all foreign born adult women access to a quality education in the United States.



To remove educational barriers facing foreign born adult women by creating learning communities where financial and educational support are available, and women can achieve their educational dreams.



To create a culture that includes our core values: Compassion, Academic Success, Respect and Empathy (CARE).


Women Walking West (W3) operates under the following ten guiding principles:

  1. We serve women with sincere encouragement and actions that will facilitate their educational goals.
  2. We are an organization that has faith in the women it serves.
  3. We view philanthropy as an important role in sustaining the organization.
  4. We set priorities for some of the most neglected issues facing women pursuing an education in the United States.
  5. We advocate vigorously in the areas of focus regardless of women’s nationality, ethnicity or religion.
  6. We identify specific points of intervention and develop a strategy to apply efforts to help the women based on their goals.
  7. We work with women to develop strategic plans, and provides support for the duration of the process.
  8. We deliver results with the available resources and are willing to share information about the results with partnering agencies, industries and universities.
  9. We strongly encourage respect and ethical behavior in the organization with volunteers, whom are called partners.
  10. We practice good and ethical stewardship of the funds and available resources. The organization’s finances is transparent and available to all stakeholders.